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The Neverending Story of Shirley Kurata 2005-2011 by Stijn & Marie

"Starting point of “the neverending story of Shirley Kurata” is the life of Shirley Kurata. The series consist so far of 45 images, composed carefully over the last 6 years. Stijn&Marie will continue this document,and every 5 years they want to create a book.

Stijn&Marie met Shirley at a party and were immediately intrigued by her. Her appearance, her style, and her individuality. She is a real person and yet you can think she just walked out of a filmset, or out of a painting.

We decided to follow her. The pictures we compose are a combination of ingredients of her real life, the right light, and a spark of coincidence. We started in her house, and the street were she lives, but also she took us to Manzanar, north of Los Angeles, a internment camp used during World War ll for Americans of Japanese ancestry. We invited her to the Netherlands were we prepared for her, her perfect roadtrip. Last year we met in Paris to continue the series.

Playing with reality and documentation of it, fiction, ingredients of film and fashion photography we create a story that will raise more questions then will give answers. This portrait of Shirley does not only represent her, but also a story that the viewer can approach in its own way.”